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Library Account

Library Account

It is a service that allows staff members of the Seoul National University Medical School and Seoul National University Hospital to use the library.

※ The using period of the account is one year from the registration date. 

   When the account expires, please apply for the extension.

   For checking the using period >> "My Library" page



- A staff member of Seoul National University Hospital who is allowed to be employed.

※ Member of Seoul National University does not need to apply separately. (Log-in with the portal ID) 


Application Method (New/Renewal)

1. Please attach a certificate of employment(limited to the person who has been detached by the head of the hospital) on the homepage.

  ※ Only a certificate of employment issued within one month is valid. Please submit documents that do not include Resident registration number.

2. Once the registration is completed after the approval of the person in charge, a message will be sent to the registered e-mail(1-2 days from the application date​)


Library Homepage Log-in Account

  • ID: e-mail adress    ex.
  • PW: Date of Birth+@    ex. 19901011@

The medical library homepage is available from the day after the registration day, and the central library homepage is available immediately


How to issue a Mobile Pass

1. Download the Mobile App (서울대 도서관 id카드) 

2. Log-in to the Mobile App

  • ID: Library ID Number (You can check this number in the central library homepage >> My Library >> Personal Information)
  • PW: Phone Number without dash(-)    ex. 01012345678


Notice of Use

- Completed students, graduated students, daily workers, temporary workers, short-term workers, the general user is not able to borrow materials.

- Please note that library services are limited according to your status.

- Students can only use S-card.

- Seoul National University staff can only use S-card or faculty/staff card.


☎ Inquiry: 02-740-8047