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Intercampus Loans

Intercampus Loans

This is the services that mutually loan collections between Gwanak campus(Central Library, 6 branches) and Yeongeun Campus(Medical and Dental branch).



How to Use




Loan available books

Number of books

Maximum of 2 applications including “Reservation + application for the book in the closed bookshelf + inter-campus loan + check book which is not on the bookshelf”.

(If you applied for 2 cases, you can apply another request only after receiving one of the application cases)

Process periods

Within 3 days from the date of application (the extra day will be made on Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays and closed days)

Loan Periods

It depends on the policy of each branches holding the material.


Applicants can check-out materials in their library within 3days after receiving e-mail/SMS arrival notification.


Circulation room of medical library of central and branch library.

Application Method

Login to Central Library Homepage → Searching → Click on ‘Get It’ tap of search result → Request for reservation by clicking “예약·자료요청” button.



- If other branch users apply for the material first(in other words, even if the status of the application is ‘applying’), the user who belongs to the branch will have priority if they want to borrow that material.

- If you have not borrowed the books you have applied for, you cannot borrow any materials for the half of the loan periods.

- If another user borrows the requested book during the processing period, the applicant can cancel it by themselves even if the processing status is ‘applying’.