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Video Conference(WebEx) Support Service

WebEx is an online video conference system that allows researchers to easily conduct meetings anywhere.




Member of Seoul National University Yeongeon Campus and Seoul National University Hospital.



Application Method

After filling out the form below, please send it to e-mail ( and the person in charge will confirm and schedule the WebEx meeting.

    1. Applicant Name / Agency·Department:

    2. Email Address:

    3. Using Purpose:

    4. Date / Time:

    * Reservations may not be possible if they overlap with other schedules.



How to Use(Host)

Step 1: Check the WebEx meeting instructions (The meeting host will receive an email from the library)

Step 2: Host sends an email to meeting participants (including video conference access URL, meeting number, and meeting password)

Step 3: Access the WebEx URL at the appointed meeting time


 Meeting Host Manual


☎ Inquiry: 02-740-8053