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캠퍼스간 원문복사

Inter-Campus Copy

This service gives you photocopies of materials owned by Central Library and Suwon Preservation Library without visiting the library.




Medical University, Nursing University, Hospital Member



Serial’s article, a part of a book, a part of a reference material, etc.
※ If you need the entire contents of the book, please apply for the Inter-Campus Loans Service.


Application Method

  1. Check the availability of books in the library collection in Central Library and Suwon Storage Library.
  2. “Central Library Homepage → Using the Libraries → ILL·DDS·FRIC → Inter-Campus DDS → Request” or “Central Library Homepage → My Library → ILL·DDS·FRIC → Inter-Campus DDS → Request”
  3. Material arrival notification via SMS or e-mail.
  4. Receive materials at the Periodicals Room on the 2nd floor of Medical Library.


Charge and Duration

Delivery Method



Copy Cost


Postage (Regular mail)


\50 per side

3~5 days

FAX (under 10 pages)


\50 per side

1~2 days

Electronic transmission (provide as print to users)


\50 per side

1~2 days




• Before applying, search the library website for their availability.

• The application process and results can be checked directly in Central library homepage → My Library

• FAX can be applied when there are 10 or fewer pages.

• When applying for electronic transmission, materials will be provided as print to users.

• After checking material arrival notification via SMS or e-mail, receive materials at the Periodicals Room on the 2nd floor of Medical Library(Weekday 9:00-18:00).

• Be sure to bring your ID card when you collect the materials(Please bring applicant’s ID card if delegate want to pick up materials)

• Please observe copyright laws when using interlibrary loan service. You should not use it for any purpose other than the personal research purpose of the applicant.

• Please note that you must receive the application materials because there are separate sanctions for unaccounted and unpaid users.


☎ Inquiry: Medical Library 02-740-8049