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SNUMED 연구동향(PlumX)

SNUMED Research Trends(PlumX)

You can check the influence index on the number of views, downloads, references, and shares on the online (SNS, blog, Wikipedia, etc.) of research results of Seoul National University College of Medicine.




 Research Results by Classroom of Seoul National University College of Medicine

   Anatomy    Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine    Biochemistry & Molecular Biology    Biomedical Engineering
   Dermatology    Emergency Medicine     Family Medicine    Forensic Medicine
   Health Policy & Management    History of Medicine & Medical Humanities    Internal Medicine    Laboratory Medicine
   Medicine    Microbiology & Immunology    Neurology    Neurosurgery
   Nuclear Medicine    Obstetrics & Gynecology    Ophthalmology    Orthopedic Surgery
   Otorhinolaryngology    Parasitology & Tropical Medicine    Pathology    Pediatrics
   Pharmacology    Physiology & Biophysics    Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery    Preventive Medicine
   Psychiatry & Behavioral Science    Radiation Oncology    Radiology    Rehabilitation Medicine
   Surgery    Thoracic & Cardiovascular Surgery    Urology  

  ※ The data is calculated by the search formula in Web of Science and Scopus for each classroom, and the used search expression can be downloaded by clicking the link. Download Searching Keyword