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ABC of diabetes

Watkins, Peter J. BMJ Pub Group Ltd

Action Plan for Diabetes

Barnes, Darryl E. Human Kinetics

AM Adolescent Medicine: State of the Art Reviews, Vol. 21, No.1

Health, American Academy of Pediatrics Section on Adolescent. American Academy of Pediatrics

American Dietetic Association guide to diabetes medical nutrition therapy and education

American Dietetic Association

Animal Models in Diabetes Research

Imprint Humana Press; Humana Press

Balancing Pregnancy with Pre-existing Diabetes Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby

Alkon, Cheryl. Demos Medical Publishing

Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery Indications, Complications and Revisional Procedures /

Imprint Springer; Springer Milan

Beta Cells Functions, Pathology and Research

Gallagher, Sarah E. Nova Science Publishers Inc

Bioactive Food as Dietary Interventions for Diabetes Bioactive Foods in Chronic Disease States

Watson, Ronald Ross. Elsevier Science

Bittersweet Diabetes, Insulin, and the Transformation of Illness

Feudtner, Chris. The University of North Carolina Press

Churchill's pocketbook of diabetes.

Ghosh, Sujoy. Churchill Livingstone

Clinical Challenges in Diabetes

Barnett, A.H. Clinical Publishing

Clinical management of the child and teenager with diabetes

Plotnick, Leslie Author John Hopkins University Press

Contemporary diagnosis and management of diabetic foot infections

Garcia-Diaz, Julia B Author Handbooks in Health Care Co

Contemporary diagnosis and management of hypertension and diabetes

Bakris, George L. Author Handbooks in Health Care Co

Contemporary Diagnosis and Management of The Patient with Type 2 Diabetes

Associates in Medical Marketing Company Incorporated

Contemporary diagnosis and management of Type 2 diabetes

Hsueh, Willa A Author Handbooks in Health Care Co

Dealing with diabetes burnout : how to recharge and get back on track when you feel frustrated and overwhelmed living with diabetes /

Vieira, Ginger. Demos Medical Publishing LLC

Diabete e attività fisica

Ganzit, Gian Pasquale. SEEd Srl

Diabetes - The 'At Your Fingertips' Guide

Sönksen, Peter. Class Publishing (London) Ltd