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Molecular Biology

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Abiotic Stress Adaptation in Plants

Pareek, Ashwani. Springer

About Life Concepts in Modern Biology

Agutter, Paul S. Springer

Adenovirus : methods and protocols

Humana Press

Adenovirus Methods and Protocols

Tollefson, Ann E. Humana Press

Adenovirus Methods and Protocols, Volume 1 Adenoviruses, Ad Vectors, Quantitation, and Animal Models

Wold, William S. M. Humana Press

Advances in Bioinformatics

International Workshop on Practical Applications of Computational Biology and Bioinformatics Corporate Author; Rocha, Miguel P. Springer

Advances in molecular and cell biology.

JAI Press

Advances in Molecular Oncology

International IFOM-IEO Meeting on Cancer Corporate Author; di Fagagna, Fabrizio D'adda. Springer

Advances in molecular toxicology


Advances in molecular toxicology.


Advances in molecular toxicology.


Algorithmic Bioprocesses

Condon, Anne. Springer

Analyzing microbes : manual of molecular biology techniques


Apoptosis : methods and protocols

Humana Press

Atomic Force Microscopy in Biomedical Research: Methods and Protocols

Braga, Pier Carlo Humana Press

Atomistic Approaches in Modern Biology From Quantum Chemistry to Molecular Simulations

Reiher, Markus. Springer Berlin Heidelberg

The Apoplast of Higher Plants Compartment of Storage, Transport and Reactions

Sattelmacher, Burkhard. Springer

Bacterial Physiology A Molecular Approach

El-Sharoud, Walid. Springer


Keith, Jonathan M Author Humana Press

Bioinformatics research and applications : 6th international symposium, ISBRA 2010, Storrs, CT, USA, May 23-26, 2010 : proceedings

ISBRA 2010 Corporate Author; Borodovsky, Mark Springer