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Preventive Medicine

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AIDS : the burdens of history

University of California Press

Black Lung : Anatomy of a Public Health Disaster

Derickson, Alan Author Cornell University Press

A Crisis Call For New Preventive Medicine Emerging Effects Of Lifestyle On Morbidity And Mortality

Knight, Joseph A. World Scientific Publishing Company

Conservation Medicine Ecological Health in Practice

Aguirre, A. Alonso. Oxford University Press USA

Current occupational & environmental medicine

McGraw Hill

Current practice guidelines in primary care.

Gonzales, Ralph. Lange Medical Books/McGraw-Hill

Decontamination in hospitals and healthcare /

Woodhead Publishing

Essentials of Toxicology for Health Protection A handbook for field professionals

Baker, David. Oxford University Press

Fit at last : look and feel better once and for all /

Blanchard, Kenneth H. Berrett-Koehler Publishers

Forensic and legal dentistry /


Forensic chemistry : fundamentals and applications /

Siegel, Jay A. John Wiley and Sons; Wiley-Blackwell

Forensic odontology : an essential guide /

Wiley Blackwell

Handbook of health behavior change /

Springer Publishing Company LLC

Human-animal medicine : clinical approaches to zoonoses, toxicants, and other shared health risks /

Rabinowitz, Peter MacGarr. Saunders/Elsevier

Linking research and public health practice : a review of CDC's program of centers for research and demonstration of health promotion and disease prevention

Institute of Medicine (U.S.) Committee to Review the CDC Centers for Research and Demonstration of Health Promotion and Disease Prevention. Corporate Author National Academy Press

Modeling behavior in complex public health systems : simulations and games for action and evaluation /

Keane, Christopher (Christopher R.) Springer Pub Company LLC

New Vaccine Development - Establishing Priorities, Volume 2 : Diseases of Importance in Developing Countries

Institute of Medicine Staff Corporate Author; Institute of Medicine Staff Author National Academies Press

Principles and practice of travel medicine


Public Health and Preventive Medicine

McGraw Hill Companies The

Reduce Your Cancer Risk Twelve Steps to a Healthier Life

Boughton, Barbara. Demos Medical Publishing