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중앙 및 분관안내

Central Library & Branches

Seoul National University consists of a central library and eight branch offices.



Central Library



In 1946, it opened with the opening of 'Seoul National University Library' and reorganized as a central library in 1992. In nowadays, It is composed of the main building, the Gwan-jeong-gwan, and 8 branches.


   02-880-8001, 5325

   Gwanak 62-dong


Social Sciences Library



This social science information center is funded by Lee In-pyo who is the Esquire Honorary President (1922-2002)



   College of Social Sciences 16-dong


Business Library



The Danam Business Library is established in 1991 by the funding of Danam Lee Pil-seok.



   College of Business 58-dong


Agriculture and Life Sciences Library



Since its opening in 1946, it has rapidly provided research information on important agricultural and biotechnological fields of domestic and international.



   College of Agriculture and Life Sciences 75-1 dong


Veterinary Library



Since 2003, the veterinary library has provided useful information on veterinary science and biotechnology to veterinary professors, students, veterinarians, and veterinarians.



   81-dong Biotechnology Research Center 1st Floor


International Studies Library



International Studies Library opened in 2006 under the amendment of Seoul National University Policy (Regulation No. 1546).



   International Graduate School 140-1 dong


Dentistry Library



Dentistry Library opened in 1995 under the amendment of Seoul National University Policy.



   Yeon-Gun Campus


Law Library



The Law Library, which was opened in 1983,  is named after the pen name of Kim Taek-soo(6th Alumni of law school).



   College of Law 72-dong