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2월 Medical E-Book New title list & Feature titles


Obstetric Imaging: Fetal Diagnosis and Care, 2e (Expert Radiology)

Obstetric Imaging, 2nd Edition, provides up-to-date, authoritative guidelines for more than 200 obstetric conditions and procedures, keeping you at the forefront of this fast-changing field.


CURRENT Practice Guidelines in Primary Care 2018, 16e

•The most current disease screening, prevention, and management recommendations at your fingertips
•Consolidates information from nationally recognized government agencies, medical and scientific organizations, and expert panels into concise, easy-to-apply guidelines
•Covers primary care topics in both the ambulatory and hospital settings


Basic and Clinical Pharmacology, 14e

Organized to reflect the syllabi in many pharmacology courses and in integrated curricula, Basic & Clinical Pharmacology, Fourteenth Edition covers the important concepts students need to know about the science of pharmacology and its application to clinical practice. 


Total Burn Care, 5e

Recent advances in research have resulted in tremendous changes in burn management. Stay fully up to date with the new edition of Total Burn Care, by leading authority Dr. David N. Herndon. Detailed procedural guidelines and video clips walk you through every step of the process, from resuscitation through reconstruction and rehabilitation.


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No Title Author Publisher ISBN
1 Abernathy's Surgical Secrets Harken, Alden H. Elsevier 9780323478731
2 Obstetric imaging : fetal diagnosis and care /   Elsevier 9780323445481
3 Volpe's Neurology of the Newborn, 6th Edition   Elsevier 9780323428767
4 Practical Pulmonary Pathology: A Diagnostic Approach, 3rd Edition   Elsevier 9780323442848
5 Operative Techniques: Foot and Ankle Surgery, 2nd Edition     9780323482349
6 Fundamental Neuroscience for Basic and Clinical Applications, 5th Edition     9780323396325
7 Atlas of Image-Guided Spinal Procedures, 2nd Edition   Elsevier 9780323401531
8 Atlas of Retinal OCT: Optical Coherence Tomography   Elsevier 9780323461214
9 Vitamin D, Fourth Edition: Volume 2: Health, Disease and Therapeutics, 4th Edition Feldman, David Academic Press 9780128099636
10 Textbook of Nephro-Endocrinology, 2nd Edition Singh, Ajay K. Academic Press 9780128032473
11 Vitamin D, 4th Edition Feldman, David Academic Press 9780128099650
12 Total Burn Care, 5th Edition   Elsevier 9780323476614
13 Practical Surgical Neuropathology: A Diagnostic Approach, 2nd Edition   Elsevier 9780323449410
14 Clinical Practice Manual for Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, 1st Edition Landsberg, Judd Elsevier 9780323399524
15 Manual of Chronic Total Occlusion Interventions   Academic Press 9780128099292
16 Role of Nutraceuticals in Cancer Chemosensitization Bharti, Alok Chandra Academic Press 9780128123737
17 Imaging in Pediatrics   Elsevier 9780323477789
18 Current Management of Diabetic Retinopathy   Elsevier 9780323484527
19 Skull Base Imaging   Elsevier 9780323485630
20 Developments in emerging and existing infectious diseases : antimicrobial stewardship /   Elsevier 9780128104774
21 Designing Healthcare That Works Ackerman, Mark Academic Press 9780128125830
22 Endocrine Biomarkers Sadrzadeh, Hossein Elsevier 9780128034125
23 Bladder Cancer Ku, Ja Hyeon Academic Press 9780128099391
24 Zika Virus Disease Quereshi, Adnan Academic Press 9780128123652
25 New Approaches to Aortic Diseases from Valve to Abdominal Bifurcation Tintoiu, Ion C. Academic Press 9780128099797
26 Music Therapy : Research and Evidence-Based Practice Yinger, Olivia Swedberg Elsevier 9780323485609
27 Harnessing the Power of Viruses Marintcheva, Boriana Academic Press 9780128105146
28 Skin Tissue Models Marques, Alexandra P. Academic Press 9780128105450
29 Neuromodulation (Second Edition)   Academic Press 9780128053539
30 Medical and Scientific Publishing Markovac, Jasna Academic Press 9780128099698
31 The Complement FactsBook Barnum, Scott R. Academic Press 9780128104217
32 Omics Technologies and Bio-Engineering Barh, Debmalya Academic Press 9780128046593
33 Disaster Epidemiology Horney, Jennifer A. Academic Press 9780128093184
34 Research in the Biomedical Sciences Williams, Michael Academic Press 9780128047255
35 Heart Failure in the Child and Young Adult Jefferies, John L Academic Press 9780128023938
36 Genetics of Bone Biology and Skeletal Disease (Second Edition) Thakker, Rajesh V. Academic Press 9780128041826
37 The Neurobiology of Brain and Behavioral Development Gibb, Robbin Academic Press 9780128040843
38 Handbook of Neuroemergency Clinical Trials (Second Edition) Skolnick, Brett E. Academic Press 9780128040645
39 Practical Guide to Obesity Medicine Weaver, Jolanta Elsevier 9780323485593
40 Heart Failure: Epidemiology and Research Methods Liu, Longjian Elsevier 9780323495998
41 Practical Cardiology   Elsevier 9780323511490
42 Personalizing Asthma Management for the Clinician Szefler, Stanley J. Elsevier 9780323497084
43 Pediatric Cancer Genetics   Elsevier 9780323485555
44 The microbiology of skin, soft tissue, bone and joint infections /   Academic Press 9780128110799
45 Hepatitis C in Developing Countries Kamal, Sanaa M. Academic Press 9780128032336
46 Immunology : Volume 1: Immunotoxicology, Immunopathology, and Immunotherapy Hayat, M. A. Academic Press 9780128098196
47 Acute Encephalopathy and Encephalitis in Infancy and Its Related Disorders   Elsevier 9780323530880
48 The endocannabinoid system : genetics, biochemistry, brain disorders, and therapy /   Academic Press 9780128096673
49 Scaphoid Fractures: Evidence-Based Management   Elsevier 9780323485647
50 Challenging Neuropathic Pain Syndromes   Elsevier 9780323485661
51 Shoulder and Elbow Injuries in Athletes   Elsevier 9780323510547
52 CURRENT Practice Guidelines in Primary Care 2018   McGraw-Hill 9781260031065
53 Clinical Neurology, 10e   McGraw-Hill Education 9781259861727
54 Basic & Clinical Pharmacology, 14e   McGraw-Hill 9781259641152
55 Conn's current therapy 2017 / Bope, Edward T., author. Elsevier 9780323443203
56 Pain Management Secrets, 4th Edition   Elsevier 9780323413862
57 Hematopathology, 3rd Edition   Elsevier 9780323512312
58 Rothman-Simeone and Herkowitz's The Spine, 7th Edition   Elsevier 9780323393973
59 Ferri's Fast Facts in Dermatology, 2nd Edition   Elsevier 9780323530392
60 Host-Pathogen Interactions (Springer Protocols)   Springer New York 9781493976034
61 Neurotrophic Factors(Springer Protocols)   Springer New York 9781493975709
62 The Surfaceome(Springer Protocols)   Springer New York 9781493975518
63 Extracellular Recording Approaches(Springer Protocols)   Springer New York 9781493975488
64 mRNA Decay(Springer Protocols)   Springer New York 9781493975396
65 Metabolic Network Reconstruction and Modeling(Springer Protocols)   Springer New York 9781493975273
66 Next Generation Sequencing(Springer Protocols)   Springer New York 9781493975129
67 Glucose Transport(Springer Protocols)   Springer New York 9781493975068
68 Preeclampsia(Springer Protocols)   Springer New York 9781493974979
69 DNA Methylation Protocols(Springer Protocols)   Springer New York 9781493974795
70 Comparative Genomics(Springer Protocols)   Springer New York 9781493974610
71 Sphingosine-1-Phosphate(Springer Protocols)   Springer New York 9781493974122


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