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간호학 분야 강의교재 및 신간 전자책 129종 이용 안내

간호대학 강의교재 및 신간 전공서 전자책  목록 124종을 안내해드립니다.

간호대학 구성원들의 많은 이용 부탁드립니다. (►타이틀명 클릭해주세요)


번호 교과목명 타이틀 저 자  출판사 년도
1 간호인력정책연구 The Nurse Manager's Guide to Innovative Staffing, Second Editionyes Jennifer Mensik Sigma Theta Tau International 2017
2 건강증진과 간호  Theoretical foundations of health education and health promotion yes Maoj Sharma Jones & Bartlett Learning 2017
3 건강증진과 간호  Lubkin's Chronic Illness, 10thyes Larsen, Pamala D. Jones & Bartlett Learning 2019
4 Technology in Aging Care Gerontechnology: Research, practice, and Principles in the field of technology and agingyes Kwon, S. Springer Publishing Co 2016
5 Technology in Aging Care Aging, Technology and Healthyes Park, R & Collins-Mclaughlin Elsvier Inc. 2019
6 Tailored Nursing Intervention Research Behavioral Intervention Research: Designing, Evaluating, and Implementingyes Gitlin, L Springer Publishing Co 2015
7 Tailored Nursing Intervention Research Internet, Phone, Mail, and Mixed-Mode Surveys: The Tailored Design Method yes Dillman, D  Wiley 2014
8 간호이론분석 Middle Range Theory for Nursing, Fourth Editionyes Mary Jane Smith  Springer Publishing Company 2018
9   Mosby's 2019 Nursing Drug Reference, 32nd Skidmore-Roth, Linda Mosby 2019
10   Professional Nursing Concepts: Competencies for Quality Leadership Finkelman, Anita Ward Jones & Bartlett Learning LLC 2019
11   Renal Nursing: Care and Management of People with Kidney Disease 5th Nicola Thomas  John Wiley & Sons, Incorporated 2019
12   Pharmacotherapeutics for Advanced Nursing Practice, Revised Tammie Lee Demler Jones & Bartlett Learning, LLC 2019
13   New Ways of Thinking About Nursing  Rolfe, Gary Cambridge Scholars Publishing 2019
14   Nursing Care Plans  Doenges, Marilynn E. F.A. Davis 2019
15   Advanced Practice Nursing in the Care of Older Adults  Kennedy-Malone, Laurie F.A. Davis 2019
16   Becoming a Behavioral Science Researcher, Second Edition  Rex B. Kline The Guilford Press 2019
17   Treatment of Disorders in Childhood and Adolescence, Fourth Edition  Prinstein, Mitchell J. The Guilford Press 2019
18   Creating Winning Grant Proposals  Rothstein, Anne L. The Guilford Press 2019
19   Conducting Personal Network Research  McCarty, Christopher The Guilford Press 2019
20   Being an Evaluator  Podems, Donna The Guilford Press 2019
21   The Bipolar Disorder Survival Guide, Third Edition  Miklowitz, David Jay The Guilford Press 2019
22   Treating OCD in Children and Adolescents  Franklin, Martin The Guilford Press 2019
23   Handbook of Infant Mental Health, Fourth Edition  Zeanah, Charles H. The Guilford Press 2019
24   Writing the Literature Review  Efron, Sara Efrat The Guilford Press 2019
25   Advanced Practice Nursing  Susan M. DeNisco Jones & Bartlett Learning 2019
26   Leadership for Evidence-Based Innovation in Nursing and Health Professions  Daniel Weberg Jones & Bartlett Learning 2019
27   Innovative Teaching Strategies in Nursing and Related Health Professions  Martha J. Bradshaw Jones & Bartlett Learning 2019
28   Clinical Nursing Calculations  Sienkiewicz, Susan. Jones & Bartlett Learning 2019
29   A Pocket Guide to Clinical Midwifery  Dutton, Lauren A. Jones & Bartlett Learning 2019
30   Cardiac Surgery Essentials for Critical Care Nursing  Hardin, Sonya R. Jones & Bartlett Learning 2019
31   Caring for the Vulnerable  De Chesnay, Mary Jones & Bartlett Learning 2019
32   2019 Nurse's Drug Handbook  Jones & Bartlett Learning Jones & Bartlett Learning 2019
33   Geriatric Notes  Smith, Jamie Jones & Bartlett Learning 2019
34   Oncology Nursing Review  Yarbro, Connie Henke Jones & Bartlett Learning 2019
35   Patient Evaluation, Data Collection, and Communication  Schlicht, Callie J. Jones & Bartlett Learning 2019
36   Handbook of Geriatric Assessment  Fulmer, Terry T. Jones & Bartlett Learning 2019
37   A Case Manager’s Study Guide  Skinner, Nancy Jones & Bartlett Learning 2019
38   Statistics for Nursing: A Practical Approach  Heavey, Elizabeth Jones & Bartlett Learning 2019
39   Leadership in Nursing Practice: Changing the Landscape of Health Care  Porter-O'Grady, Timothy Jones & Bartlett Learning 2019
40   Applied Clinical Informatics for Nurses  Alexander, Susan Jones & Bartlett Learning 2019
41   Nurse As Educator: Principles of Teaching and Learning for Nursing Practice  Bastable, Susan Bacorn Jones & Bartlett Learning 2019
42   The Doctor of Nursing Practice  Chism, Lisa Astalos Jones & Bartlett Learning 2019
43   Evidence-Based Practice for Nurses: Appraisal and Application of Research  Schmidt, Nola A. Jones & Bartlett Learning 2019
44   Pediatric Nursing Care: A Concept-Based Approach  Linnard-Palmer, Luanne Jones & Bartlett Learning 2019
45   Fast Facts to Loving Your Research Project  Brenda Marshall Springer Publishing Company 2019
46   Population-Based Nursing, Third Edition  Ann L. Curley Springer Publishing Company 2019
47   Emergency Nursing 5-Tier Triage Protocols, Second Edition  Julie K. Briggs Springer Publishing Company 2019
48   Conducting the DNP Project  Denise Korniewicz Springer Publishing Company 2019
49   Fast Facts for Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing, Third Edition  Godshall, Maryann Springer Publishing Company 2019
50   Fast Facts About Religion for Nurses  Taylor, Elizabeth Johnston Springer Publishing Company 2019
51   Project Management in Nursing Informatics  Garcia-Dia, Mary Joy Springer Publishing Company 2019
52   Application of Nursing Informatics  Sipes, Carolyn Springer Publishing Company 2019
53   Adult-Gerontology Practice Guidelines, Second Edition  Cash, Jill C. Springer Publishing Company 2019
54   Handbook of Supportive Oncology and Palliative Care  Berger, Ann Demos Medical 2019
55   Fast Facts for the Triage Nurse, Second Edition  Visser, Lynn Sayre Springer Publishing Company 2019
56   Fast Facts for the Cath Lab Nurse  McCulloch, Brenda Kirkpatrick Springer Publishing Company 2019
57   Fast Facts Workbook for Cardiac Dysrhythmias and 12-Lead EKGs  Desmarais, Paul L. Springer Publishing Company 2019
58   Leadership and Management Competence in Nursing Practice  Beauvais, Audrey Marie Springer Publishing Company 2019
59   Fast Facts About Substance Use Disorders  Marshall, Brenda Springer Publishing Company 2019
60   Advanced Practice Nursing Roles, Sixth Edition  Blair, Kathryn A. Springer Publishing Company 2019
61   A Handbook for Caring Science  Rosa, William Springer Publishing Company 2019
62   Nursing Informatics for the Advanced Practice Nurse, Second Edition  McBride, Susan Springer Publishing Company 2019
63   Writing for Publication in Nursing, Fourth Edition  Oermann, Marilyn H. Springer Publishing Company 2019
64   Disaster Nursing and Emergency Preparedness  Veenema, Tener Goodwin Springer Publishing Company 2019
65   Teaching with Technologies in Nursing and the Health Professions  Bonnel, Wanda E. Springer Publishing Company 2019
66   Palliative Care Nursing  Matzo, Marianne Springer Publishing Company 2019
67   Adverse Childhood Experiences  Waite, Roberta. Routledge 2019
68   Complementary & Alternative Therapies in Nursing, 8th Lindquist Springer Publishing Company 2018
69   Gerontological Nursing Competencies for Care, 4th Mauk, Kristen L. Jones & Bartlett Learning 2018
70   Public Health Nursing: Practicing Population-Based Care, 3rd Truglio-Londrigan Jones & Bartlett Learning 2018
71   Lehne's Pharmacology for Nursing Care, 10th  Burchum Saunders 2018
72   Nurse Practitioner's Business Practice and Legal Guide, 6th Buppert, Carolyn Jones & Bartlett Learning 2018
73   Mosby's Diagnostic and Laboratory Test Reference, 14th Pagana Mosby 2018
74   The Encyclopedia of Elder Care : The Comprehensive Resource on Geriatric Health and Social Care, 4th Capezuti Springer Publishing Company 2018
75   Cancer Nursing Yarbro Jones & Bartlett Learning LLC 2018
76   Antibiotics Simplified Gallagher Jones & Bartlett Learning LLC 2018
77   Introduction to Nursing Research: Incorporating Evidence-Based Practice, 5th Carol Boswell and Sharon Cannon Jones & Bartlett Learning, LLC 2018
78   RNotes  Myers, Ehren F.A. Davis 2018
79   Group Trauma Treatment in Early Recovery  Herman, Judith Lewis The Guilford Press 2018
80   Collaborative, Participatory, and Empowerment Evaluation  Fetterman, David M. The Guilford Press 2018
81   2018 Nurse's Drug Handbook  Jones & Bartlett Learning. Jones & Bartlett Learning 2018
82   Role Development for the Nurse Practitioner  Stewart, Julie G. Jones & Bartlett Learning 2018
83   The Nurse Educator's Guide to Assessing Learning Outcomes  McDonald, Mary Jones & Bartlett Learning 2018
84   Financial Management for Nurse Managers  Leger, J. Michael Jones & Bartlett Learning 2018
85   Nursing Informatics and the Foundation of Knowledge  McGonigle, Dee Jones & Bartlett Learning 2018
86   Quantum Leadership:Creating Sustainable Value in Health Care  Porter-O'Grady, Timothy Jones & Bartlett Learning 2018
87   Nursing Ethics and Professional Responsibility in Advanced Practice  Grace, Pamela June Jones & Bartlett Learning 2018
88   Issues and Trends in Nursing  Roux, Gayle M. Jones & Bartlett Learning 2018
89   Advanced Health Assessment and Diagnostic Reasoning  Rhoads, Jacqueline Jones & Bartlett Learning 2018
90   Nursing Research: Reading, Using and Creating Evidence  Houser, Janet Jones & Bartlett Learning 2018
91   Evidence-Based Nursing  Brown, Sarah Jo Jones & Bartlett Learning 2018
92   A Guide to Women’s Health  Oyelowo, Tolu Jones & Bartlett Learning 2018
93   Improving Cancer Diagnosis and Care  Balogh, Erin National Academies Press 2018
94   Addiction in the Lives of Registered Nurses and Their Wake-Up Jolt to Recovery  Stanford, Carol Hamilton Books 2018
95   Essential Knowledge for CNL and APRN Nurse Leaders  King, Cynthia R. Springer Publishing Company 2018
96   Advanced Public and Community Health Nursing Practice 2e  Ervin, Naomi E. Springer Publishing Company 2018
97   Grant Writing Handbook for Nurses and Health Professionals, Third Edition  Holtzclaw, Barbara J. Springer Publishing Company 2018
98   Nursing Research Critiques  Bauce, Karen Springer Publishing Company 2018
99   Handbook of Clinical Nursing: Critical and Emergency Care Nursing  Hickman, Ronald Springer Publishing Company 2018
100   Handbook of Clinical Nursing: Pediatric and Neonatal Nursing  Alfes, Celeste M. Springer Publishing Company 2018
101   Handbook of Clinical Nursing: Medical-Surgical Nursing  Hickman, Ronald Springer Publishing Company 2018
102   A Guide to Disseminating Your DNP Project  Smith-Stoner, Marilyn Springer Publishing Company 2018
103   A Guide to Mastery in Clinical Nursing  Fitzpatrick, Joyce J. Springer Publishing Company 2018
104   Family Nurse Practitioner Certification Intensive Review, Third Edition  Codina Leik, Maria T. Springer Publishing Company 2018
105   Guidelines for Nursing Excellence in the Care of Children, Youth, and Families, Second Edition  Betz, Cecily Lynn Springer Publishing Company 2018
106   Research for Advanced Practice Nurses, Third Edition  Murphy, Marcia Pencak Springer Publishing Company 2018
107   Teaching in Nursing and Role of the Educator, Second Edition  Oermann, Marilyn H. Springer Publishing Company 2018
108   Proposal Writing for Clinical Nursing and DNP Projects, Second Edition  Bonnel, Wanda E. Springer Publishing Company 2018
109   Shared Governance That Works  Guanci, Gen Creative Health Care Management 2018
110   Nursing Theorists and Their Work, 9th  Martha Raile Alligood Elsevier 2017
111   Havard's Nursing Guide to Drugs, 10th  Adriana P. Tiziani  Elsevier 2017
112   Client Education: Theory and Practice  Miller, Mary A. Jones & Bartlett Learning 2017
113   2017 Oncology Nursing Drug Handbook  Wilkes, Gail M. Jones & Bartlett Learning 2017
114   Evidence-Based Practice  Hall, Heather R. Jones & Bartlett Learning 2017
115   Clinical Guidelines for Advanced Practice Nursing  Collins-Bride, Geraldine M. Jones & Bartlett Learning 2017
116   Women’s Health Issues Across the Life Cycle  Sammarco, Angela Jones & Bartlett Learning 2017
117   Statistics for Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing  Kim, MyoungJin Jones & Bartlett Learning 2017
118   Essentials of Patient Education  Bastable, Susan Bacorn Jones & Bartlett Learning 2017
119   Role Development in Professional Nursing Practice  Masters, Kathleen Jones & Bartlett Learning 2017
120   Flipping the Nursing Classroom: Where Active Learning Meets Technology  Hessler, Karen Jones & Bartlett Learning 2017
121   Clinical Decision Making for Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioners  Thanavaro, Joanne Jones & Bartlett Learning 2017
122   Handbook of Geriatric Care Management  Cress, Cathy Jones & Bartlett Learning 2017
123   Pharmacology for Women’s Health  Brucker, Mary C. Jones & Bartlett Learning 2017
124   Stroke Certification Study Guide for Nurses  Morrison, Kathy Springer Publishing Company 2017
125   Pediatric Arrhythmias and EKGs for the Health Care Provider  Prater, Kathleen J. Springer Publishing Company 2017
126   Freestanding Birth Centers  Cole, Linda J. Springer Publishing Company 2017
127   Fast Facts for Nurses About Home Infusion Therapy  Gorski, Lisa A. Springer Publishing Company 2017
128   The CIPP Evaluation Model  Stufflebeam, Daniel L. The Guilford Press 2017
129   Policy & Politics in Nursing and Health Care,  7th Diana J. Mason  Elsevier 2015



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