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Library Account

Library Account

It is a service that allows staff members of the Seoul National University Medical School and Seoul National University Hospital to use the library.

※ The using period of the account is one year from the registration date. 

   When the account expires, please apply for the extension.

   For checking the using period >> "My Library" page



- A staff member of Seoul National University Hospital who is allowed to be employed.

※ Member of Seoul National University does not need to apply separately. (Log-in with the portal ID) 


Application Method (New/Renewal)

1. Please attach a certificate of employment(limited to the person who has been detached by the head of the hospital) on the homepage.

  ※ Only a certificate of employment issued within one month is valid. Please submit documents that do not include Resident registration number.

  ※ How to download a certificate of employment? Please follow the Link ( )

2. Once the registration is completed after the approval of the person in charge, a message will be sent to the registered e-mail(1-2 days from the application date​)


Library Homepage Log-in Account

  • ID: e-mail adress    ex.
  • PW: Date of Birth+@    ex. 19901011@

The medical library homepage is available from the day after the registration day, and the central library homepage is available immediately


How to issue a Mobile Pass

1. Download the Mobile App (서울대 도서관 id카드) 

2. Log-in to the Mobile App

  • ID: Library ID Number (You can check this number in the central library homepage >> My Library >> Personal Information)
  • PW: Phone Number without dash(-)    ex. 01012345678


Notice of Use

- Completed students, graduated students, daily workers, temporary workers, short-term workers, the general user is not able to borrow materials.

- Please note that library services are limited according to your status.

- Students can only use S-card.

- Seoul National University staff can only use S-card or faculty/staff card.

☎ Inquiry: 02-740-8047