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Article Express

Article Express

Article Express is Document Delivery Service provided by Seoul National University Medical library.

Librarian provides articles in the cheapest and fastest way by searching our collections, other organizations, and overseas partner organizations.




 -  Service Target

: Medical university, Nursing university, Hospital member

 -  Provided Data

: Hard to find the original text, Can't access to the original text, Printed materials

 -  Duration

: Electronic journals can be processed instantly. (3 days on weekends)

: Domestic and international copying takes 2 days on average. (3 days on weekends)

 -  Using Limitation

: One person can request a maximum of 5 articles per day



Duration and Charge


Type of materials

Appl. Scope




Article /

Part of books


 SNU + Domestic library

2 days

(except holiday)


(Medical Library support fee)


 SNU + Domestic library + NLM

2 days

(except holiday)

\ 15,000 per article



 Domestic library

3 days

(except holiday)


(Medical Library support fee)


 PQDT, International library


PQDT \ 9,600 /

International library \104,000


※ If you need entire books, please use the INTERCAMPUS LOANS service.

※ For applying the international thesis, please refer to the RISS homepage(



How to Apply


 After log-in to the Medical Library Homepage, apply by the 'Article Express 신청' button.


 Enter the article information correctly on the application page (automatically filled in when PMID is entered)


 If you receive an email notification, you can read the original text by following the instructions in the email.




  • [Restriction on Use] The printing and viewing of DRM(Digital Rights Management) pdf is limited to 10 each.
  • [Checking Statues] You can check the status of Article Express application directly from My Library on the medical library website.
  • [Receive Method] Arrival notifications will be sent by email. Please note that the method of receiving requested materials may be different for each item.
  • [Not available] In case of a scan of printed materials, it may not be available due to unknown or damaged materials.
  • [Not available] Alumni members(memberships) are not eligible for Article Express service.


☎ Inquiry: Medical Library 740-8049