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Borrow / Return / Renew

This is where you can check out the inter-campus loan services at Seoul National University, the loan period and return policy of Medical Library.



Circulation Policy


User Category

Circulation Policy

1st Tier

Professor, associate professor, assistant professor, foundation professor, honorary professor, clinical professor, full-time lecturer, guest instructor, staff members, personnel employed by the head of each organization

5 book / 30 days

2nd Tier

part-time lecturer, assistant instructors, doctoral course, master’s course, master-doctoral integration course, dental graduate students, intern, doctor, clinical lecturer, researcher

5 book / 14 days

3rd Tier

undergraduate students, laboratory employee, research registrants, nurses, pharmacists, health position, hospital staff, public benefit, exchange students, seasonal semester, special students, membership, intern pharmacists, dieticians, alumni members

3 book / 7 days

4th Tier

completed students, graduated students, daily workers, temporary workers, short-term workers, general user

Not Allowed


- At the time of check-out, propose a student ID card, employee ID card, or mobile booklet to the employee.

- Each material should be returned within the period. When returns are overdue, the library use may be suspended.

- Users cannot check-out reference books, theses, serials or audiovisual materials.

- In the case of serials, check-out can be made for three days with the approval of the head of medical library only when it is the unavoidable situation.




- Materials can be renewed once until the maximum extension date(twice the loan period)

- Renewal of materials is not permitted if one has unpaid overdue fines or overdue materials.

- Reserved materials are not subject to renewals.

- Users can renew materials by themselves in the Central Library homepage (My Library > Loans·Renewals·Holds·Requests).



Overdue Fines

- For each overdue material, 100won overdue fines are imposed per day from the third overdue date. The overdue fines for the first two days are included in the charges from the third day.



Lost and Restriction

- Lost and damaged books must be compensated with identical items.

- When the compensation with identical items cannot be made, it should be substituted with an item of similar subject and of comparable value.

- If you deliberately damaged the material, you have to reimburse it.

- Loans are prohibited during the compensation period.