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Request New Books

Request New Books

If the Library doesn’t have users’ desired books, users can apply for the materials themselves.

How to Use

Central Library Homepage → Using the Libraries → Purchase·Textbook Request(Purchase Request Button)

(If you are not able to access the request page, please connect to the Google Chrome)


  1. After checking various book information such as bestseller, new book, field books, etc., click on the [신청] button of the book you want to apply for.
  2. You can check various detailed information including book introduction, publisher book review, author introduction by selecting book title or book image.
  3. You can apply for the desired book through the top search box or detailed search.



Request New Books Guide

- If there is a branch library in the university where the applicant belongs, application for purchase will be processed at each branch library.

- If you register email reception status in My Library ‘Personal Information Management’, you will receive the notification of arrival.

- If you don’t have the right to borrow books because of graduation or suspension, you are not able to request new books.