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Wireless Access(Wifi)

Wireless Access(Wifi)

Outsiders can use the wireless LAN freely on campus.



Available Place

Book Stacks, Periodical Room, Computing Room, Reading Room



Notice of Use

- To prevent loss, it is recommended to possess Cable Lock for the personal laptop.

- Do not use in locations other than designated places.



How to use Wireless Access

You can use the high-speed wireless internet because Seoul National University's SNUWireless, ollehWiFi, and T WiFi are available in the medical library.


Service Object

Using Method



  1. Select SNU-1st-time in the WiFi list
  2. Implement browser and click “GUEST” on the SNU WiFi Information page.
  3. If you apply for a temporary ID by yourself, ID will be issued immediately and you can use WiFi after login.


In-school member

  1. Select SNU-Member in the WiFi list
  2. Implement browser and choose “SNU MEMBER” on the SNU WiFi Information page.
  3. Check usage guide(including environment setting) for each device.
  4. Select SNU-Member in the WiFi list and login with SNU ID/PW.


In-school member

  1. Select ollehWiFi_SNU in the WiFi list
  2. If you enter SNU ID / PW, authentication will be completed, and you will be automatically connected for one year. (However, re-authentication will be required if you are not using it for 6 months

※ After purchasing KF WiFi ID(, Select ollehWiFi(without lock figure) in the WiFi list

T Wifi


  1. Select T WiFi zone in the WiFi list
  2. After completing the instructions for using the personal information and registering the device, you can use it free for one month. (No separate authentication required)

※ SK paying subscribers are able to use “T wifi_secure” without any separate authentication.