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Thesis Submission

Thesis Submission

Online submission must be uploaded between the evaluation of thesis and the submission of a thesis.

- Inquiry about Online Thesis submission: 02-880-5567(Digital Library) / Inquiry about Booklet Thesis submission: 02-740-8047(Medical Library)

- For other question about thesis submission, please contact the SNU Main Library(02-880-8001, 5325).

    Online & Booklet Thesis Submission Guide


        Submission Process Template/Viewer Download Schedule/Notes


    Complete your thesis following the 'Thesis binding and printing guide' and ‘template’.

    (Font, size, margins and other details are recommendations to prevent problems that may occur when binding or file converting.)


    1. Thesis binding and printing guide

    2. template



    After confirming that all necessary 'Thesis organization' pages are included, prepare your online submission copy. (Files are able to be submitted in hwp, doc, or pdf format.)

    Thesis Organization

    Whether to Include

    O: Must Include, △: Optional, X: Must Exclude

    Title page O
    Thesis Approval sheet
    Thesis and Dissertation Deposit Agreement X
    Abstract O
    Table of contents O
    Body O
    Bibliography O
    Appendix, Index, etc. O
    Abstract(another language)


    Online Submission Manual

    Korean English )



    <Online File Submission>

    Please submit your electronic copy first.

    → Online submission can be modified by the deadline.
    [Online Thesis Submission(dCollection)> View Submissions> click on the title]

    → Online modification will not be possible after the deadline.


    Thesis Online Submission(dCollection) After the thesis review  ~ Before the Hard Copy Submission

    <Hard Copy Submission>

    After reviewing the checklist below, please submit your hard copy to the library on the scheduled date.

    → If you cannot visit the library before the deadline, submission through a third party is possible.

    → After you have submitted your hard copy, you can receive the Certificate of Thesis Submission (only if fulfilling the following checklist)



    Ph.D. 3 copies, Master's 3 copies Check the number of copies to be submitted → Extra copies are to be submitted to your department office

    1 original copy of thesis

    ① Include actual signatures and seals on 'Thesis Approval sheet' which could not be scanned or photocopied.

    ② Include 'Thesis and Dissertation Deposit Agreement'
    → If ② is not included, extra forms will be prepared on the submission desk for you to fill out and paste on your copy.

    2 additional copies ① Include a duplicate of 'Thesis Approval sheet'
    ② Exclude 'Thesis and Dissertation Deposit Agreement'
    Online Submission Make sure that the online submission of your thesis is complete on the dCollection website
    Borrowed books and overdue fines Borrowed books must be returned, and overdue fines must be paid before submission


    Thesis and Dissertation Deposit Agreement


    - Agreement(Kor.)
    ( .docx   /   .hwp )



    - Agreement(Eng.)
    ( .docx   /   .hwp )

    2019. 7. 30. ~

    8. 1. for 3 days,

    9:00 ~ 18:00


    Please consult with the office of academic affairs of your college regarding restriction of access (embargo) and hardbound / electronic copy replacement.

    → Only those applicants who have officially requested thesis replacement through the office of academic affairs will receive an e-mail regarding the replacement process. After receiving the e-mail, you should resubmit the modified copies by the deadline.


    Request: 2019.8.19
    ~ 2019.8.23

    Replace: 2019.8.26

    ~ 2019.8.30



    Electronic copies will be made available online after they are reviewed to check for any personal information or omissions of images, graphs, etc. (2-3 months required)

    → Electronic copies of your thesis will be provided differently based on your approval of the license agreement. 


    Copyright Service Method Service DB Notes





    O X Provided in a protected format(ezPDF)
    → Full-text will be available after installing ezPDF (Running only on Windows OS). 
    → Copying and pasting of full-text is not possible. File is accessible for 7 days on the downloaded computer only.

    SNU Library,



    Not available on Mobile
    O O Provide in general PDF format

    SNU Library,



    S-Space(Google etc.)

    Not available on Mobile


    SNU Online Thesis Viewer(ezPDF)


    2019.10 ~


    If you want your thesis to be available at National Assembly Library, it is possible to submit your online file to National Assembly Library.

    ↳ National Assembly Library of Korea

    Type Notes

    Service Scope

    metadata, abstracts, full-text
    Payment Free
    How to submit

    Online Submission (optional)

    ※ Inquiries : National Assembly Library Data Collection Department (02-788-4163)

    Application for submitting
    online thesis file to NAL

    If you want your thesis will be available at PQDT(ProQuest Dissertation&Theses) which is the international thesis and dissertation DB, it is possible to submit it through ProQuest ETD.


    PQDT Publishing Costs

    Options Traditional Publishing Open Access Publishing
    Charge Free $95
    Service Scope only for users of PQDT DB subscription institutions everyone


    ProQuest ETD

    Because this is not mandatory, please submit it by yourself if you want.