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iThenticate(Plagiarism Detection)

iThenticate(Plagiarism Detection)

By using iThenticate, you can compare your thesis with Word by Word and perform similarity test.

As a result, you can analyze plagiarism quickly and accurately.

Application Method 

Request iThenticate Account


  1. Login to Medical Library Homepage

  2. Request iThenticate personal account

  3. Access iThenticate homepage (

  4. Change your password after login with a temporary password

  5. Upload files to check for similarity directly



Request similarity test report



  1. Login to Medical Library Homepage

  2. Request similarity test report by uploading the Manuscript you want to check (HWP, MS Word, PDF, etc.)

  3. Librarian provides similarity analysis report within 3 days





Member of Seoul National University Yeongeon Campus


☎ Inquiry: 02-740-8053