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서울대학교 의학도서관에서는 이용교육 동영상, DB 이용 가이드 동영상, 기타 학술 동영상 등 다양한 디지털 콘텐츠 컬렉션을 제공하고 있습니다.


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DB Name DB Description 동영상 Manual
Allen Brain Atlas
- Publish seven brain maps of Mouse Brain, Human Brain, Developing Mouse Brain, Developing Human Brain, Mouse Connectivity, Non-Human Primate, Mouse Spinal Cord
- It can be identified with an epileptic map that genes used by human brain cells, proteins generated from genes, and proteins used for brain function
Video Download (6.07 MB)
Japanese academic society journals and university research bulletins. Video
IEL(IEEE Xplore)
- IEEE of 27 engineering fields including electricity, electronics and computer engineering
- Journal and Proceedings with IEE Copyright
- IEEE standard information
Video Download (716.5 KB)
OECD iLibrary
- Online services for publications, serials and statistical databases published by OECD
※ Note: International Energy Agency Statistics is not on our subscription list
Video Download (2.85 MB)
Web database for scientific research that contains abstracts, tables of contents, and full text of articles in the sciences, technology, medicine and social sciences. Video Download (3.49 MB)
Identifies scientific, technical, medical, and social sciences literature from peer-reviewed journals. Searchable by topic or by citation, allowing one to identify articles that cite a particular article or author. Video Download (3.29 MB)
Turnitin is an online system that checks documents for text matches against its database of papers, articles and web pages. When a piece of coursework is submitted to Turnitin, an Originality Report is generated, which highlights instances of text matching.
※ After logging in SNU central library, check class ID and password.
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